Cooks Cove Walkway

interpretation signage

Cooks Cove Walkway (Tolaga Bay) provided the opportunity to tell unique stories of the history of the respective area and the people. This project involved project planning, research, writing, sourcing images and working with other parties; local iwi Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti, Historic Place Trust, DOC staff, historians and designers. A series of signs were installed on the track in 2012.

In 2020, I was invited to help DOC staff complete this project as I had started my own writing business. As the decision had been made to retain the signs on the track a waharoa/gateway was planned for the entrance at the beginning of the walk. The waharoa was installed in time for the Tuia250 celebrations in 2019 but the signage was not completed until late 2020.

The signage project involved working closely with iwi representatives of Hauiti along with DOC staff and a designer from Live Creative. It involved a combination of research, sourcing images and copywriting along with collaborating with all parties. The project was successful due to the commitment by all to see the Maori and European stories told at the site.