MY story

Kia Ora, I am Sandra Groves, I founded First Chapter because I wanted to help people tell their stories. I have a background in nature and was looking for a new direction and challenge.

At first, I worked with business and tourism on a range of visitor and tourism products. In 2020 COVID-19 came along and this was an opportunity to focus on content writing for a much wider audience. I still wanted to tell nature-based stories, and this to be my focus.

With skills in communications, public relations, heritage research, community relationships and a passion for nature. These have provided me with a solid grounding to work in the nature space to create and share stories for future generations.

First Chapter’s vision is to:

Communicate unique stories that are visible to people now and in the future.

Tagline: Writing stories for today and the future!

This is still my mission as I continue to discover and create stories for people who have a passion for what they do and want to share it.

Wouldn’t it be great to work together? To share your story for people to enjoy and appreciate?

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