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I can help you from analytical research to analysis of records, data collection and report writing. Suitable for interpretation signage, website content, brochures and reports.

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Analytical research

Analysis of records

Data collection

Report writing

analytical research

Research involves considerable time wading through lots of information to determine what’s relevant to a project. Sometimes it can take much longer than you think.

Today’s heritage research is more streamlined as much of the information is available online.

data collection

I use a range of data collection methods to gather data from interviewing people to observations, oral histories, documents e.g. published literature sources such as textbooks, reports, newspapers, magazines, online published papers, articles and other records.

analysis of records

The process of retrieving and analysing records can take some time and involves searching for information either online or at the public library or museum. Once this information is retrieved it will need to be matched against other information to ensure accuracy and relevance to the project. This may also require checking this information with relevant technical or iwi experts.


Some projects require that an investigation be undertaken on a particular historical topic. This information is then developed into a standard report to a client’s expectations. Any report writing will also be supported by resources from extracts in publications or newspapers to images as requested by the client.

how it works

Following the research process, this information is then packaged at the client’s request. This can be an interpretation signage project, historical research project, or website information, etc.

A client project expectation sheet sets out the timeframes and process for the completion of the research project. This is provided to the client to complete before a project is started.

Case Studies

Name change Poverty Bay Turanganui-a-kiwa

Rere Falls Trail

Titirangi Gisborne


The Gisborne District Council required a researcher to find all the relevant sources pertaining to the name Turanganui-a-Kiwa in order to determine the iwi origins. This was a task that I undertook over a couple of months. The Council lodged an application with the Geographic Board for the name change Poverty Bay Turanganui a Kiwa which was successful. Due to the sensitivity of the project I am unable to share any further information.

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Rere Falls Gisborne


The Rere Falls Trail is a popular cycle trail between Gisborne and Matawai which features Eastwoodhill Arboretum, Rere Falls and Rere Rockslide and Gisborne vineyards. This was an interesting project to work on and involved a field inspection, developing a list of possible stories and undertaking the research online, papers past, Council records and Tairawhiti Museum. I then developed copy and sourced suitable images for signs at Rere Falls, Rere Rock Slide, Eastwoodhill Arboretum and Koranga Valley School.

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