Are you ready to transform your connection to nature and boost your well-being?

You’re joining other nature lovers for a 7-day Connect with Nature Challenge, where each day we will do something small to connect more with nature.

It is no secret that getting outdoors amongst the natural elements, feeling and breathing the fresh air, and connecting with nature can fill our cups with gratitude. It also elevates our energy, boosting our well-being, and reminding us of our place within the natural world.

From today Earth Day 22 April. I invite you, your friends, and whanau to complete some simple nature-centered tasks to help refresh and recharge your mind, body, and soul and bring a little more natural goodness into your daily life.

Feel free to share your nature experiences in the Facebook Group.  The group will be updated daily as each new challenge is released. This seven-day challenge is an invitation to slow down. Breathe. Become Present.

You have access to a Connect With Nature Journal to keep track of your progress. It’s voluntary whether you complete the journal.

See you inside – ‘Connect with Nature in Te Tairawhiti Gisborne.’

Earth Day is an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The theme is to invest in our planet. While you are connecting with nature let’s do our bit to also protect nature. Pick up litter, and carry out activities with care for the natural world so it is a happier, healthier place to live! If you want to take action in support of Earth Day – check out 52 ways to invest in our planet.


Here are some guidelines so you are ready to go.

What you will need:

  • Download the challenge journal (optional) or use a notepad and pen/pencil
  • A good pair of shoes, water to stay hydrated, a jacket, a snack (depending on the weather)
  • A camera or mobile phone to take photos

The process we follow:

  • Each day a different challenge will be released at 9 am
  • We do this together as a community and share photos and stories in the group or do it on our own.
  • Please enter natural spaces with care and respect. Practice “Leave no Trace” and take out what you take with you into an area. Try not to make too much noise or to disturb any wildlife or other people. Pick up any garbage that you find and recycle what others leave behind.
  • Please keep your personal safety in mind as well as the safety of others. Make sure you know where you are going and that you feel safe and confident. Adults to supervise children. Please be safe out there and have fun!


Day 1 – A Scavenger hunt with a difference

Day 2 – Find one thing in nature for each of the colours of the rainbow

Day 3 – Find your inner nature

Day 4 – Do some birdwatching

Day 5 – Plant native species in your garden

Day 6 – Practice nature photography

Day 7 – Invest in the planet

Welcome to Day 1 of the challenge for Friday 22 April which is a scavenger hunt with a difference

We all love scavenger hunts. Take photos of some of the items you find that you want to share and post them in the comments. You have 7-days to find as many as possible. Good luck!

Download the scavenger hunt list.

Welcome to Day 2 of the challenge for Saturday 23 April is to find one thing in nature for each of the colours of the rainbow

There are seven colours in the rainbow. Take 15 minutes or so to go outside and see if you can find one thing in nature for each of the colours of the rainbow. Then note these down in your journal.

  • Violet
  • Indigo
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

If you want to share a photo in the comments on the Facebook Group.

Welcome to Day 3 of the challenge for Sunday 24 April is to find your inner nature

Depending on the weather. Take a walk in a local reserve, at the beach, along a walkway around your garden. The goal of the walk is to notice as many pleasurable things as possible, slowly, one after another. Use your senses – sight, smell, sound, touch…may be even taste.

Use this guide to find your inner nature.

Action: Write in your journal. Share any photos in the comments. You might want to share how the challenge is going so far.

Welcome to Day 4 of the challenge for Monday 25 April is to do some birdwatching in your own backyard.

Try to identify birds in your garden. Download the guide and the activity sheet.

Feel free to share any photos in the comments.

If you are still doing the scavenger hunt see if there are any items you can find today.

Welcome to Day 5 of the challenge for Tuesday 26 April, is to plant native species in your garden!

Autumn is the time of the year that is good for growing new plants. Use this challenge day to grow a plant (your choice). Creating gardens in your backyard attracts butterflies, bees, and birds.

After you have planted, feel free to share a photo in the comments.

Welcome to Day 6 of the challenge for Wednesday 27 April is to practice your nature photography.

Find a place in your backyard or at a favourite spot and notice nature. Take your time, use your smartphone or digital camera (kids may need help from an adult) to take a photo.

The DOC beginners guide can help you capture what you love most about nature and find fresh ways to experiment for the perfect shot. Share your photo with the group.

Welcome to Day 7 the final day of the challenge on Thursday 28 April. The challenge for today is to invest in our planet.

We have reached the end of our challenge. I hope you have enjoyed exploring and connecting with nature. To do our bit for investing in our planet for Earth Month. I challenge you to get outside and pick up rubbish whether it is down at the beach, in the park, or your backyard. Every little bit helps in investing in our planet for the next generation.

This challenge has now finished. You can still do the challenges to connect with nature at any time in the future on your own or with others.