What does telling the New Zealand story mean to business?

I attended a New Zealand story workshop which was relevant to me as a storyteller/heritage research writer. The workshop took us through exploring our inner storyteller with the aim of creating a nation of storytellers.

Our great stories are often left untold and not seen or heard in competitive global environments. New Zealand story has been set up by the government to enhance our reputation beyond natural beauty and to ensure we tell a broad, compelling and aspirational story about our country.

Why stories matter?

Our shared values and uniqueness is a combination of:

Kaitaiki: our role as guardians, ingenuity: challenging the status quo with original and bold solutions, and integrity: from a good place. Your story will be as unique as your business when you use the values that make us unique that’s when it becomes a New Zealand story.

To share how great my story is they used the Story Arc framework with five components: setting the scene, shared problems, tension or challenge, resolution and invitation.

We got to write our own story using these five components.

Here is my story as a writer who works with business and tourism:

  • Imagine the unique story of your visitor experience being shared with people now and in future
  • I connect visitors to an area they are experiencing
  • Working with business and tourism ventures to help achieve their vision for a site or visitor experience
  • Providing a better profile and exposure of an area for visitors
  • Wouldn’t it be great to work together to share the stories of your place for future generations to enjoy

My story can make a difference to my business: on my website, in the conversations I have, using digital experiences, presentations, social media content, publications, marketing and communications.

New Zealand story have created a toolkit with a range of resources from videos, images, infographics, presentations and inside stories films to help tell the New Zealand story. Make sure to check it out and if you get a chance go to a New Zealand story workshop to create your own unique story.

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