Telling a story

If you’re anything like me, sometimes I just jump straight into writing without any planning. I find it takes me much longer to write a story.

Here are some useful tips to make writing a story more effective.

1. Tell a story that’s memorable

2. Easily shared

3, Inspires action

4. Use metaphors (they help us learn, discover, and shape our views of the world)

5. Have a thesaurus handy and be ready to swap words that don’t pack any punch

6. Make sure you have all the information you need to support the story

7. Have some ‘key words’ that you can use throughout your writing i.e. discover, journey, weave, excited, victory, wonderful and so on.

8. Then write, edit, write, edit some more and more until you get a finished product that meets the Plain English criteria.: Does your story have good structure, language, grammar and make sure you have proof-read, used good layout and overall presentation it all counts.

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